Q. My pets vaccination is due while we are away... When shall I get their vaccination done?

A.  Either get them vaccinated at least a week before they come into kennels... or when you return, as they are covered for at least a month after their vaccination is due...
PLEASE DO NOT get them Vaccinated the day before they are due to come in...

Q.  Can my friend or relative come & visit my pet whilst I am away?

A.  I'm afraid not. It can upset their routine while they are with us. If you are away for more than 2 weeks we will with your permission take them off site for a lead walk, as well as exercising them in our paddock.

Q. What if my pet is not settling in?

A.  In the very rare case that we are unable to do anything with your pet to settle them into their environment, & we have serious concerns over their wellbeing, we would get in touch with your emergency contact.

Q. My pet is very nervous. How do you deal with nervous animals?

A. We are always very grateful if you can inform us at the time of booking if your pet is a tad nervous, so that we can have a suitable/ quiet kennel ready for them.  Also we would suggest an overnight stay for them so that they can meet us & experience our daily routine, also a short overnight stay ensures them that mum & dad are coming back for them.  We never force your pet into greeting us, its all about gaining trust & letting them come to us when they are ready.

Q. What vaccinations does my pet require?

A. Their normal yearly vaccination booster is always required..
Kennel Cough Vaccine is not a requirement, however if you want your dog to have it it must be administered 2 weeks prior to boarding... full info on the vaccinations page.

Q. Can i come & have a look round before my pet is due to come in?

A. Absolutely! In fact we encourage pet owners to come & see us. Anytime during opening hours is ok. But its advisable to make an appointment prior to coming.

Q. I need to collect on a Sunday / Bank Holiday

A. Our opening times for a Sunday/ Bank Holiday are 9.30 - 11am or 5-6pm
We are only closed Christmas/Boxing Day. However we board 365 days a year.

Q. My Dog likes playing with other dogs, can they play with others?

A. As a rule we don't mix our dogs, but if I know a couple of dogs really well they may beable to play together. 

Q. Can I bring my own food, bedding etc...

A. We have a large range of foods available to suit all diets, however if your dog is on a special diet we would ask you to bring their own food... We do have bedding & toys but if you prefer to bring your own please free.  

Q. My pet is on medication, is this ok?

A. Of course if you could notify us of any medication your pet is on when you make your booking, & if you bring it in a labelled container with clear instructions on it.

Q. How do I make a booking.

A. Call us or email us to make a booking including times you would like for drop off & collection, & one of us will email you with your confirmation. A deposit may be required to secure your booking, particularly at peak times.

Q. What if my pet needs veterinary treatment?

A. If your pet requires Veterinary treatment while you are away, we will try to take them to your preferred vet, or we will use our local vet, we will attempt to contact you, or your emergency contact.. Any veterinary expenses will be payable by you.
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